3 Reasons why SEO will give you the Best Leads

10 Apr 2019

SEO is a master of disguise. It sits on the website, hidden in plain sight of your visitors but staring them straight in the face. It makes itself known to Google, Bing, and other search engines but doesn’t sacrifice your content.
The key to generating more leads for your business is optimizing your site for search engines.

Optimize Your Homepage & Inner Content:

Find the right keywords. Filling your website with keywords is vital to gaining the attention of search engines and attracting an audience. But using a bunch of keywords that have a lower search volume is always better than having one keyword with a high one.

Use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases which are specific to your brand or product.

Make your website responsive. Creating a website that looks great on desktop but all over the place on other devices isn’t good. Especially when most people are searching on the move nowadays. Make sure your page is sleek in both design and usability for all devices and you’re set.

Capture Every Email:

To improve your lead generation, ask everyone who visits your website to sign up for your email list. Make it easy to subscribe and ask them more than once. Use multiple types of optins to grab attention and capture emails.

Lightbox popups: OptinMonster features a lightbox popup that opens when a user shows exit intent (when they’re about to leave the site). It’s extremely effective because it asks every visitor.

Sidebar widgets: A prominent sidebar optin is highly visible and will appear on every page. Because many websites have a sidebar optin, visitors who want to subscribe will likely look for an optin there.

SEO serves as a map or funnel, bringing a stream of leads to your website, making your website one of the best lead generation tools you have. To make the most of the opportunity, you need to create and optimize quality content so that search engines and searchers see the value in what you offer, and want to sign up or buy.